12 Replies to “Kevin Pietersen in His Most Honest Interview Yet – Sportsvibe TV

  1. I make KP right. Prior is a gobby little shit, look how he carried on when
    his bird sat on Sandfords lap, and Swann was too full of himself as well.
    Flower wanted to dictate over England matters, to the detriment of the
    team. He had his bullies to enforce that, and character assassinations were
    part of it. Good leaders quell internal troubles, not add to, or cause
    them. Well done Kevin, great international career, but too short.

  2. Take he take a line of coke before this interview. Check out that rocking
    jaw at the beginning of the interview.

  3. “us”? I think KP’s amazing and most of what I hear about him is – he’s
    fucking amazing. Have you been reading the back of the tabloids?

  4. that was in the past he is very faithful to his team now and would never do
    that sort of thing again

  5. I wonder what would he say if he knew how badly england were going to
    perform against pakistan…

  6. What KP needs is a little bit more love from us, and he deserves it!! not
    constant pressure and criticism of him!! We should be proud to have a
    player this talented, this ‘blockbuster’, this confident!! We became number
    1 test team through having this sort of attitude, yet people still seem to
    question his every move he makes in his career!

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