5 Replies to “Kevin Pietersen resigns: Cricket’s colourful captains

  1. Contineued: Peiterson is a talent, which requires a unique managerial skill
    to get the best out of him. If South Africa wants him, they can open a
    channel for such arrangement. After all, he has been reminded in every
    article that he is South african born English captain. That is so silly of
    British media and his agitators. He is a british left abondoned on shores
    of Africa, and is an English Produced. But SA lives on racial quota, and
    has a historical English man burden.

  2. thats really a sad news for english fans that the best man like KP himself
    is no more the captain of our great sport.

  3. this may sound anti cricket and anti traditional but for fck sake why can’t
    we move away from the boring bastards, the are posh stuck up twats tht
    never made it to county level in some cases,ECB are a set of twats, we’re
    past the age of needin selectors now, why can’t they let either the skipper
    of the coach(manager) pick the side like in football, lets move on, why
    don’t we spend the money tht is currently there wages on grassroots for
    developin the game,

  4. i dont care what anyone says kp was the best captain we had beat south
    africa -0 in the odi series got on well with the player but the only thing
    he had trouble with was the ecb they chose to ignore it so i dont blame him
    for quitting the captain jobs but if u ask me it was the wrong decision to
    sack peter moores i think we cud of won the ashes under peter moores we
    need a really good oach tht wil get on well with the players and a decent
    captain not andew strauss i think flintoff=better captain

  5. The only thing Pietersen knows is how to win. His ways might be to the
    dislike of establishment, and beaucratic structure of ECB, but England team
    needed a revolutionary change in mindset. What was wrong in sacking moores,
    and give pietersen the ultimatum that he has a capitancy of one year in a
    busy English calender among which T20 WC, and Ashes being a premier events
    before inviting his captaincy up for review. In tour to India, it was
    obvious the pietersen needed help, which wasn’t available.

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