Trevor Bayliss on Interview from Players on TV

Trevor Bayliss doesn’t think a player should ever barge into the box of TV ump to question him regardless of the fairness of any particular call made by him and so, Alex Hales can’t be defended for doing that.

Bayliss however denies that act of Hales can cause the ouster of the Nottinghamshire player from the national set up. The world famous coach who is from the rival nation Australia says if Hales is dismissed from the side, it would only be because he hasn’t done justice to himself as a test batsman. Nothing other than his runs would be the talking point in that regard.

Hales’ act during the London match was brought into the notice of the referee who summoned the right handed batter and slapped him a fine and then did the same to the pace man Stuart Broad too who on a social site seemed to be taking the side of his county colleague by suggesting through one of his remarks that the footages with so much blurriness couldn’t be taken as a base for a catch to be considered legal.

Broad had only replied to the post of a journalist though and had not put a critical post himself. But, in the opinion of the referee, he was critical in that reply itself as he hinted that he thought the call was unfair by the ump and so, he deserved the fine.

Bayliss admits that it was not that intelligent of the two Cricketers to operate in that manner, but, opines that the topic is laid to rest now with both of them getting the due punishment. According to Bayliss, they have also been advised by the management not to pick up any unnecessary problems for themselves like that in future.